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Lib-Dems back more cuts

by Daphne Liddle

THE LIBERAL Democrats began their conference in Brighton last week by promising to fight for a wealth tax and ended by pledging to support further swingeing cuts in welfare and public sector.

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The Syrian Army sweeps on

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THE SYRIAN army is continuing its sweep against the Nato-backed rebels throughout the country. The countryside around the capital, Damascus, has now been cleared of terrorists and that most of Aleppo is now safe. But the rebels are responding with more car bombs in Damascus and other urban areas.

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Why communists should be involved in trades councils

by Anton Johnson

CAPITALISM is being exposed for what it is today. For the first time in recent history we now have large numbers of people in the UK going hungry, hence the sudden rise of “food banks” run by churches, which are set to expand their services with support from local authorities in 2013.

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Lib-Dem road to nowhere

THE ROUND of national party conferences traditionally tops off the British “silly season” and this week it’s been the movers and shakers of the Liberal Democrats who have taken centre stage at their annual bash in Brighton. Nick Clegg tried to fend off criticism of his leadership with a half-baked “apology” over tuition fees last week. But Clegg’s eve of conference mea culpa did him no favours as he wasn’t regretting reneging on the pre-election pledge not to increase fees but merely apologising for making the promise in the first place.

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