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Kick out the Tories!

by New Worker correspondent

THOUSANDS of people demonstrated against the Tory-led coalition government as the Tory party conference kicked off in Birmingham on Sunday. The union-led protesters marched through the city centre and passed the security cordon around the ICC centre where Prime Minister David Cameron and his Tory mates were holding their convention.

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Turks demand peace with Syria

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

TENS of thousands of Turks have taken to the streets of Istanbul and Ankara to protest against their government’s provocations which have taken Turkey to the brink of war with Syria. And while the Turkish army continues to shell Syrian positions across the border the Syrian government has again called on Turkey to stop helping the rebels who use Turkey as a safe haven for their terrorist attacks.

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Historic win for Chavez

VENEZUELAN president Hugo Chavez has won a historic fourth term in an election that has demonstrated the strength of the Bolivarian Revolution and its unquestionable popular support. The reactionary opposition, which had launched a mammoth campaign to unseat him has conceded defeat.

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