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DPR Korea space triumph!

by our Asia correspondent

DEMOCRATIC Korea entered the space race with the successful launch of a weather satellite this week. “The satellite has entered the planned orbit,” a Korean Central Television news reader declared in a broadcast that played national songs with the lyrics “Korea does what it says” with shots of the launch pad at the Sohae Space Centre on the west coast of the DPR Korea.

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Snoopers’ charter knocked back?

by Daphne Liddle

HOME Secretary Theresa May has been forced to withdraw and rewrite her Communications Data Bill, known generally as the “snoopers’ charter” after it provoked opposition from Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and a significant number of backbench Tories, including former Home Secretary David Davis.

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Troubles not over for the north of Ireland

ULSTER Loyalists last weekend rioted in east Belfast and one threw a lighted petrol bomb into a police car in which a policewoman was sitting.

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