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Cap rents not benefits!

by Daphne Liddle

MORE THAN 200,000 households in England and Wales were threatened with losing their homes in the 12 months up to last September, according to a report released by the housing charity Shelter. That is equivalent to cities the size of Liverpool or Bristol being evicted or repossessed.

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Imperialism out of Syria!

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

SYRIAN troops are continuing to hit hard against Nato-backed rebels, killing a number of their top commanders in battles around Aleppo and other parts of the country this week. Meanwhile the rebels are trying to drag the large Palestinian community into the cycle of violence following attacks on a pro-Baathist militia in a major refugee camp in Damascus.

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Show the way in 2013!

TIS the season to be jolly, or so we are told. But few will actually be decking the hall with holly these days. Most of us will be making the most of the festive season as best we can in these austere times. Parties, family get togethers, gifts and shows are all part of the escapism of the festive season. But the problems of our class — unemployment, poor housing and education, third rate medical treatment, back-breaking work and poverty line pensions won’t go away on New Year’s Day.

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