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Keep Britain out of Mali

by our African Affairs correspondent

BRITISH troops are going into Mali to back the French sweep to drive Islamic rebels out of the north of the country. French warplanes have been pounding rebel targets to pave the way for the advance of French and Malian government troops into northern Mali. And Touareq nationalist militias have now turned their guns on the Islamist rebels, saying they are willing to work with the French, but not the Malian army, in the push against al Qaeda fanatics.

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25,000 march to save Lewisham Hospital

by New Worker Correspondent

THERE were hundreds of children in buggies, many with placards proclaiming they were born at Lewisham maternity unit. There were thousands of pensioners — some had lived in Lewisham all their lives, others were from the West Indies, Ireland, Africa and all parts of Asia — united together they were a truly formidable force, as they marched through the shopping centre and past the hospital.

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No to the EU

DAVID CAMERON the people must “have their say” on Europe and he’s pledged to call an in/out referendum on the European Union if the Conservatives win the next election in two years’ time. That, of course, is a very big if and it’s clear that Cameron’s motive is simply to rein in his Eurosceptic back-benchers and head off the surge of support for the maverick Tories in UKIP in 2015.

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