A test for peace

DEMOCRATIC Korea conducted a third underground nuclear test this week. The atomic test was conducted safely to ensure that there was no adverse effect to the surrounding ecological environment. The development of the DPR Korea’s independent nuclear deterrent is part of a series of practical measures to defend the security and sovereignty of the DPR Korea in the face of the economic and diplomatic offensive by US imperialism and its venal allies and lackeys to deny the independent right of the DPRK to pursue space exploration.

Communists all over the world have joined the Korean people in the free north, the occupied south of the country and the overseas communities in congratulating the latest achievement of Democratic Korean science and technology. But the prospect of a free and independent DPRK has provoked the usual hypocritical bleating from the imperialist camp and those who clearly should know better than to condemn north Korea for doing what they have already done themselves.

Had US imperialism honoured the agreements struck between great leader Kim Il Sung and the Clinton administration in the 1990s none of this would have happened. But the Americans chose to double-cross the DPRK and now they must pay for the inevitable consequences for their duplicity.

The Americans, who used atomic bombs to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War, are the last to talk about peace and disarmament. They have conducted over a thousand nuclear tests of their own and they possess a nuclear arsenal that could destroy the world several times over.

The imperialists, whose legions straddle the world they exploit, plunder and oppress, have no right to condemn anyone for taking steps to defend their own independence. Democratic Korea threatens no one but its enemies are close by. United States nuclear-armed warships are stationed off the Korean coast and thousands of US troops are in the south of Korea as well as in Japan.

Democratic Korea has never invaded another country nor does it seek to do so. The imperialists destroyed Yugoslavia. Imperialist troops and their pawns have invaded Iraq and Libya. Their troops fight on in Afghanistan and Mali and their agents foment the civil strife in Syria. In the Middle East America’s chief lackey, Israel, maintains a brutal occupation on the West Bank of occupied Palestine while the Americans’ other willing tools, the feudal Arab oil princes, use their money to destabilise Syria to make the region safe for the big oil corporations and the vultures from the World Bank and the IMF.

Democratic Korea is committed to the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula and it has pledged never to be the first to use nuclear weapons.

The DPRK has had no choice but to develop its nuclear energy programme and its own independent nuclear deterrent. The DPRK threatens no one. The US wants to perpetuate the division of Korea and ultimately to extinguish socialism in the Korean peninsula. That will not happen. The New Communist Party fully stands by the DPRK and condemns the imperialist aims and threats.