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Hugo Chávez is dead: World mourns Venezuelan leader

by our Latin America correspondent

Hugo Chávez is dead. The leader of the Bolivarian Revolution passed away in the Dr Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital in Caracas on Tuesday after a long struggle against cancer. The political and military leadership has met to pledge their loyalty to the Bolivarian Revolution and the Constitution while the armed forces have been deployed across the country to ensure public safety.

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Tories sing the blues

THERE CAN be no doubt about the depth of the crisis of confidence within the Conservative Party following the results of the Eastleigh by-election last week. Lib- Dem leader Nick Clegg said his man, Mike Thornton, had pulled off a “stunning victory,” which had been secured “against the odds”. On this occasion Clegg was undoubtedly telling the truth. The Liberal Democrats held the seat despite the stigma of a disgraced MP and a simmering sex-pest scandal involving one of their leaders in the House of Lords.

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