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Assault on the NHS

by Daphne Liddle

THE NATIONAL Health Service is under a two-pronged attack from the Con-Dem Coalition on the one hand to force market values on it with profits taking priority over patients’ needs, and on the other hand to starve the service of staff and resources so that patients’ experience of NHS care is so awful that those who can pay will prefer to do so.

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Syrian rebels on the run

by our Arab affairs correspondent

The Syrian army has launched a new drive against the Nato-backed rebels sweeping them off the major motorway that runs from Damascus to the coast and rooting them out of their terrorist hide-outs in northern Syria and the Damascus countryside.

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As ye sow so shall ye reap...

THE TERROR attack on the Boston Marathon last week horrified Americans who are still not inured to the random, and almost daily, violence that so typifies decadent US society today. Three people died and 282 others were injured when two bombs exploded during the race. Two suspects were later gunned down by the police after they killed a cop and hijacked a car. One is dead and the other is seriously ill in hospital.

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What is a free and fair election?

Well as far as the imperialists are concerned it’s only when they get the result they want. Nicolas Maduro defeated the chosen son of US imperialism in the Venezuelan presidential elections this month by a margin of 1.6 per cent. It was close but it was a nearly 80 per cent turn-out and it was still a victory for the left forces built by the late Hugo Chavez.

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