Tories implode over Europe

THE DIVISIONS over Europe within the Tory party have been widening sharply since the local elections, where they lost significant support to the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Former Tory Chancellor Nigel Lawson said that under current circumstances he would vote for Britain to leave the European Union, while Norman Lamont, another former Tory Chancellor said that Britain should stay in only if the relationship with the EU were to be renegotiated to be purely to do with trade and nothing more. Michael Portillo and Tory grandee Lord Forsyth have also declared in favour of leaving the EU.

Last Monday current serving Cabinet ministers Philip Hammond and Michael Gove also declared in favour of leaving the EU, while London Mayor Boris Johnson, who is thought to be seeking the Tory leadership, has said he would back a referendum on leaving the EU if Cameron could not negotiate significant changes to the whole EU structure.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is seeking a deal with the Tory party over standing joint candidates — at a price. Farage means he would not stand candidates against Tories who have a track record of opposition to the EU. But Ukip would target pro-EU Tory candidates, or those undecided, dividing the right-wing vote.

The New Communist Party has always opposed the EU from the days when it was the Common Market because it is a creation of capitalists for capitalists and offers nothing for the working class.

Ukip opposes the EU because it is xenophobic with some members coming out with outright racism. The Eurosceptic Tory MPs oppose the EU now because it wants to restrict the operation of the City of London, which in effect now is operating as a tax haven. London’s tax laws are so lax that businesses registered here can legally get out of paying anything much in the way of taxes.

Neither Ukip nor the Tories of whatever shade of blue have anything to offer the working class. They simply want to exploit us — and the rest of the world — through different mechanisms.

If Britain were to leave the EU it would lose a lot of trading partners. And it could not expect the United States to come to the rescue. The transatlantic “special relationship” is based on Britain being useful to Washington as a Trojan horse within the EU. Out of it, America has little interest in Britain. The economy would be based almost entirely on “financial services” — in other words being a tax haven with a status and living standard for the workers much the same as the Cayman Islands or Belize.

The population would be reduced to the fabulously rich financial wheeler-dealers and their servants and the petty service industries needed to pander to their whims. No one else much would be needed. The money would be drawn in from the labour of super-exploited populations in the Third World.

In or out of the EU the working class in Britain and Europe faces a bleak future unless we organise ourselves into a real fight back, for an end to the rotten capitalist system and its replacement with socialism.