Fighting cuts and mobilising the class

by New Worker Correspondent

ON SATURDAY 1st June the trades union councils held their annual conference at the TUC headquarters in London for 2013.

The conference was chaired by Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, to discuss a programme of action for 2013.

Motions were passed for fighting the cuts and mobilising the working class against the Con-Dem Coalition government and to emphasis the work of trade councils in the community.

During the year the TUC/CC promoted the work of People’s Charter and issued a joint statement with the people’s Charter urging trades union councils to affiliate to and work with the charter.

The Charter will again be featured in the 2013- 2014 programme of work and members of the committee will be encouraging trades union councils in their regions to affiliate to the People’s Charter.

Michael Fletcher on behalf of the south eastern region of the TUC moved the motion for a living wage. He said that the fight for wages was fundamental and there should be a substantial increase across the board.

This would increase the purchasing power of the workers and give them confidence to fight the political struggles against the cuts by the government.

Michael said that the crisis was caused by the over production of commodities, which was depressing workers purchasing power within the capitalist system.

He also spoke of the vicious attack by the Con- Dem Coalition government on disabled workers by closing of the Remploy factories and the abolition of the agricultural wages board which will drive the workers’ wages down.

Workshops were organised on the question of the anti-fascist struggle, women’s rights, unemployment centres and disabled workers. The conference looked forwarded to the forthcoming struggle with confidence.