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Egypt’s game of thrones

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

The Egyptian armed forces have called for calm following last week’s coup which ousted President Mohammed Morsi after millions of people had taken to the streets to demand his resignation. Morsi and most of the top leaders of his Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested on suspicion of incitement to violence.

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Right-wing Labour feels the pressure from below

THE GROWING swell of rank and file trade union anger at the failure of Labour leader Ed Miliband to speak out against even the cruellest of the Con-Dem Coalition cuts — the withdrawal of disability benefits, the bedroom tax and the piecemeal destruction of the NHS — is starting to have an effect.

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Main Feature story

The necessity of revolution

by Eric Trevett

The capitalist system is bankrupt, corrupt and viciously opposed to the trade unions and the whole working class movement. The current austerity policies reduce living standards and this exacerbates the deepening crisis by undermining any possibility of creating an expanding economy.

It is the historic role of the working class, united and led by the revolutionary party to replace capitalism. There is no future for the working class in seeking a crisis-free capitalism. The working class now has the freedom of necessity to ensure a social revolution takes place. The alternative would be an increasingly authoritarian, brutalised and ruthless capitalist class keeping the working class down.

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Defend workers’ power in their own party

THE BOURGEOIS media have gone into a frenzy about the row over Labour’s selection process in the Falkirk constituency. First they claim that the Labour leadership is a pawn of the big unions. Then they beef up the so-called reform on party funding that is being pushed by Miliband & Co. And finally when it’s clear that the leadership of the biggest union, Unite, is prepared to go along with it, they claim it’s just another smokescreen to cover the hold of the unions over Labour.

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