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Fracking lunacy

by Daphne Liddle

CHANCELLOR George Osborne has gone fracking mad. He has decided that the future of British energy supplies lies in promoting fracking, to extract shale gas from under the country, while discouraging the development of renewable sources of energy like wind farms.

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Police blunders in Birmingham

by New Worker correspondent

WEST MIDLANDS Police last weekend ferried members of the Islamophobic English Defence League into an assembly point in the centre of Birmingham, where they forced a local bar to host them for some three hours, before they set off for a static demonstration in Centenary Square.

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Beware the storms to come

BALMY DAYS. A long overdue heat-wave, Parliament in recess and cricket as the great and the good escape to the happier climes of southern France, Lombardy and the Caribbean exclusively reserved for the rich. And you know that the silly season has kicked off in earnest when the BBC tells us that “the world” is celebrating the birth of another royal brat and the Americans launch another “peace process” in the Middle East.

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