Syria: can the US and Britain get away with it again?

THE IMPERIALIST governments of Britain and the United States are gathering their forces for an intervention in Syria, which, if it goes ahead, will follow an all too familiar and dismal path.

The civilian population will be blasted by Tomahawk missiles to “rescue” them from the effects of a brutal “civil war”. That war is really an invasion by tens of thousands disparate groups of extreme right wing and mercenary Muslim groups who are paid and equipped to destabilise and bring down the elected government of Bashar Assad but who are failing.

If Assad was really as unpopular as the imperialists claim he would have fallen months ago. Instead support for him has grown as former opposition supporters have changed sides, disgusted at the brutality and callousness of the invading mercenaries.

The majority of people in both the US and Britain are firmly opposed to another military intervention in the Middle East. They have been lied to too many times.

Yet there are still some fools on the “left” who think that the imperialists should intervene because Assad is “another dictator” who is ruthless and brutal. When a country is continually being undermined by the powerful CIA machine and other underground forces it is hard for any government to operate an ideal of western democracy. But it has a duty to protect the general population from the effects of western intervention. Supporting the so-called rebels in Syria is equivalent to supporting Franco’s invading Moroccan troops in Spain in the 1930s.

The invaders have violently rejected any peaceful electoral path to unseating Assad, which, if he really was that unpopular would be the obvious route. But they don’t want any government there that is independent of western imperialism. They just want another wrecked country vulnerable and bleeding and prey to warlords and fortune hunters.

These neo-fascist Muslim mercenaries have been failing against the will of the Syrian people and they want to draw the imperialists into direct intervention. That is the only logic behind the alleged poison gas attack on civilians in Damascus reported at the weekend.

As usual the western media had lied and lied and lied about the facts of that attack. They claim Assad’s government refused to allow United Nations inspectors into the area. There was already a team of UN inspectors in Damascus. The government was unable to let them into the area of the gas attack immediately because they could not guarantee their safety.

And there are so many reasons why it would be illogical for the government to unleash a gas attack at that time and place. Firstly because of the close presence of the UN inspectors, secondly because their own troops were fighting back and forth in that area, thirdly it would disrupt the Geneva peace talks and invoke a US military response — and of course there are the humanitarian reasons.

Can the imperialist invasion be stopped? The situation is different from Iraq and Libya. Russia is actively opposed and the governments of the US and Britain are running out of credibility with their own people. They are also running out of money.