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by our Arab Affairs correspondent

Syrian air defences are on high alert ready for the expected American attack that could come any time if Barack Obama gets his way in Congress next week. A large US naval armada, backed by some French warships, is in the eastern Mediterranean ready to launch the Cruise missiles on Obama’s orders and the missile-carrier Moskva is sailing to join the existing small Russian flotilla off the Syrian coast.

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Unions gather in Burston

A FRIENDLY atmosphere prevailed last Sunday as thousands of trade union activists and other labour movement campaigners gathered in the Norfolk town of Burston for the annual rally to mark the historic Burston school strike.

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A vote for peace

BRITISH imperialism’s drive to war was stopped in its tracks by Parliament last week. David Cameron and his Liberal Democrat allies wanted to join in the planned American onslaught against Syria. Labour, backed by the Green Party, the Scottish and Welsh nationalists, Respect and a number of northern Irish parties said no. And so did a number of Tory and Liberal Democrat rebels who voted with the opposition or sat on their hands when the vote was taken.

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