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No war on Syria!

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

US president Barack Obama has suspended his threat to rain death and destruction on Syria following a week of intense diplomatic efforts by Russia and China to prevent the Syrian crisis escalating into a general war in the Middle East. Obama has asked Congress to postpone a vote authorising the use of force to destroy Syria’s stockpile of poison gas that the Americans claim was used in an attack that killed hundreds in Damascus in August.

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Miliband wooing the workers at the TUC

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband arrived at the TUC conference in Bournemouth this week on the back foot, with the investigations into his accusations against the giant union Unite of trying to fix the candidate selection in Falkirk shown to be untrue and Unite completely exonerated.

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Backing away from war

UNITED States Secretary of States John Kerry made an unscripted remark during an interview; when asked what the Syrian government could do to avert a US air strike on Damascus, he replied that they could surrender all their chemical weapons — but said he didn’t think that would happen.

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