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Syria: US forced to back off

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

Russia has forced the United States to back off from bombing Syria following talks that ended in an agreement that will lead to the destruction of Syria’s entire chemical weapons arsenal. Syrian President Bashar al Assad personally thanked the Kremlin for its help when he met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in Damascus on Wednesday. “We highly value the Russian stance towards Syria. Such stands raise hope for a new road-map for the world power balance,” the Syrian leader declared.

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Lewisham hospital victory march

CAMPAIGNERS to save Lewisham Hospital’s maternity and accident and emergency units last Saturday staged a victory march through the town centre to mark a court success against the plans by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to close Lewisham’s maternity accident and A&E units in order to bail out the bankrupt neighbouring South London Health Trust.

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Support Syria

THREE weeks ago the imperialists were poised to launch missile strikes on Syria. Now the threat of war has receded thanks to the efforts of Russian diplomacy and the anti-war movement in Britain and the rest of the imperialist heartlands that successfully mobilised public opinion against the war-mongers.

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