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Power Crazy - Hinkley Point

by Daphne Liddle

PLANNING for our future energy supplies is a difficult problem with no straightforward simple answers. But the Con-Dem Coalition is going out of its way to choose all the wrong answers that will put us — individually and as a country — in unending debt and at life-threatening risk form both chemical and radiation pollution.

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London conference tackles challenges to Irish peace process

by Theo Russell

AROUND 300 people attended the conference “Towards a new Ireland” in north London on Saturday which was addressed by Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, who said that 15 years after the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) there is still strong resistance from many sides to implementing the agreement in full.

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Tories in China

GEORGE Osborne and Boris Johnson have been scoring points against each other in China this week in the race to succeed Cameron after he loses the next election. The spectacle of two senior Tory politicians trying to upstage each other during a charm offensive in China may have bemused some of their Chinese audience but the news that People’s China will increase its already substantial investments in Britain can only be for the good.

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The communist answer

Manufacturing is probably the most valuable sector in the British economy because of its contribution to exports, and the dependence on it of other sectors of the economy such as transport, retail and financial services. Irrespective of its decline, manufacturing is still the most important sector in generating wealth

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