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Police war on students

by Daphne Liddle

STUDENTS are continuing to demonstrate against the closure of the social centre for London’s 120,000 students following violent clashes with the police last week.

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George Osborne’s dyscalculia

CHANCELLOR George Osborne made his autumn statement last week and once again revealed his serious problem with understanding numbers (dyscalculia).

The numbers he is having problems with include the current state of the economy, the falling living standards of millions of workers in Britain and the number of years we can keep on working before we die of exhaustion — and whether we are willing to go on paying into pension schemes until we drop and not live to get any return.

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DPRK: Top leader purged at Party meeting

by our Asian Affairs correspondent

A leading member of the Workers Party of Korea has been denounced for anti-Party and counter-revolutionary crimes. Jang Song Thaek, the vice-chair of the National Defence Commission, was arrested at an enlarged meeting of the Politburo in Pyongyang on Sunday. The meeting, chaired by leader Kim Jong Un, voted to remove him from all posts and expel him from the Party.

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Mandela — the class warrior

AS SOON as the death of Nelson Mandela was announced last Thursday the leaders of the western imperialist nations were ready with well-prepared speeches to praise him to the skies as a peacemaker and to boast about their brief encounters with him and to try to bury with words of praise the truth about Nelson Mandela the class warrior.

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