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Tube strike solid

by Daphne Liddle

TRANSPORT chaos descended on London on Wednesday following industrial action by two major railway unions. London Underground workers paralysed much of the capital’s transport this week in a two-day walk-out in protest at draconian cuts that would close all the ticket offices throughout the network.

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Sinn Féin calls for: support for Haass proposals

by Theo Russell

SINN FéIN MP Conor Murphy spoke to supporters in London last week at a public meeting in Westminster on the end of the Haass all-party talks, aimed at resolving challenging issues on flags and emblems, Orange parades, and dealing with the legacy of the past without any deal being reached.

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Defend the link

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has pulled a fast one with his proposed changes to the relationship between the unions and the Labour Party. The changes will not break the link but they will seriously undermine it. But they have been presented in a complex and confusing package that has seen some Labour MPs complaining that they will potentially give the unions more power within the party.

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