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Nazi threat in Ukraine

by our European Affairs correspondent

An uneasy calm hangs over Kiev following the collapse of the Yanukovych administration and its replacement by a provisional government drawn from the ranks of the nationalist and fascist parties in the Ukrainian parliament. Viktor Yanukovych, the elected president, fled the capital last weekend after submitting to a European Union brokered deal for fresh elections to end the violent clashes in the central Kiev.

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Atos asks to quit as victims protest across Britain

THOUSANDS of protesters turned out to protest outside Atos offices throughout Britain last Wednesday at the French-owned company’s role in cutting benefits to thousands of seriously sick and disabled people by assessing them as “fit to work”.

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Solidarity with Ukrainian communists

THOUGH the Nato threat has been beaten back in Syria the imperialist offensive continues throughout the rest of the world with the long-standing economic blockades against Cuba, Democratic Korea and Iran.

American nuclear and naval might is being marshalled across Asia to build a “pivot” targeted at Russia and People’s China and to convert the Pacific Ocean into an American lake. American agents are fermenting unrest in another attempt to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela in a struggle to restore US hegemony throughout Latin America.

And Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism has closed ranks in ongoing attempts to destabilise and ultimately overthrow any government that refuses to submit to the demands of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the needs of the global capitalist economy. This has been no more so than in the Ukraine.

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Special Appeal

Building the Paper

Two contributions boosted our New Worker appeal this week. One was a £500 donation from two Southall comrades and the other was a tenner from a Manchester pensioner who is a regular contributor to the fighting fund as well. The £510 in pushes the amount raised so far to £5627. We now have to raise £9,373 to hit our £15,000 target by the end of July this year.

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