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Nazi leader killed in Ukraine

by our European Affairs correspondent

A leading neo-nazi has been gunned-down by Ukrainian security as the Kiev-regime desperately tries to clean up its act in the face of mounting international concern at the growing fascist influence within the “interim” government and across the whole of the west of the country.

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Scottish Labour Party Conference

from Our Scottish Political Correspondent

Four-hundred-and-fifty- five years later Johann Lamont’s leader’s speech to the Scottish Labour Party conference in the same city had no such dramatic effect on sudden wealth redistribution but it marked a decisive bid to put clear red water between Labour and the nationalists.

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A budget for the rich

None of us should be surprised at last week’s budget. We have a rich man’s government and we’ve got another rich man’s budget. While the bourgeoisie wallow in their wealth the workers get a few trifling cuts in duty that’s covered by upping the tax on cigarettes and a tax break on savings for the few who still have them.

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