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No to NHS charges!

by Daphne Liddle

THE PEOPLE of Britain love and treasure the NHS. In spite of all its well-publicised shortcomings everybody in the country needs its services sooner or later and the overwhelming majority have a positive experience of treatment.

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Small EDL march in Peterborough

by New Worker correspondent

AROUND 120 members of the Islamophobic English Defence League arrived by coach in Peterborough for a short march to a rally at the southern end of Peterborough’s main shopping area last Saturday.

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Ukraine — the new Greece

THE INTERNATIONAL Monetary Fund and the European Union have wasted no time in showing their true face to the people of Ukraine, offering them a bailout of up to $27 billion — that comes with austerity conditions that make those imposed on Greece seem mild in comparison. Pensions will be cut by 50 per cent will domestic fuel prices will rise by 50 per cent.

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