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Ukranians resist Kiev

by our European Affairs correspondent

THOUSANDS of anti-fascist workers have taken over key cities in eastern Ukraine while the parliament in Kiev descended into violence after fascist deputies tried to kick the leader of the communist party off the rostrum.

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Bedroom tax disaster for disabled people

LAST SATURDAY there were demonstrations against the bedroom tax in London, Leeds and Cardiff to mark the first anniversary of the hated tax.

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Tory sleaze

THE BELATED resignation of the Culture Secretary may have let the Prime Minister off the hook in the run-up to the local and European elections in May.

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Labour waffle

Ed Miliband’s latest attempt to woo the millions now revolves around local government with a pledge that the next Labour government will set up a network of “regional ministers” to oversee plans to transfer £20 billion to “city regions” over five years for council and business leaders to spend on job creation, housing and transport projects.

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Nato threats

The crisis in Ukraine deepens as Nato steps up its air-power in Poland and thousands take to the streets in the east and south of the country to demand greater autonomy or union with Russia.

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