Nato threats

The crisis in Ukraine deepens as Nato steps up its air-power in Poland and thousands take to the streets in the east and south of the country to demand greater autonomy or union with Russia.

But Nato guns and come at a price and the Kiev regime will pay through the nose for it. It starts with a bail-out loan, then another to pay the interest on it followed by draconian austerity cuts and the opening up of the country to European Union imports.

Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism combined to overthrow the elected Ukrainian government and replace it with a bunch of fascist thugs and venal nationalist politicians in their pay. Now they have to prop up a regime whose authority barely stretches beyond the west of the country.

Over half the population speak Russian and a third consider themselves ethnically Russian and many of them are looking to the Kremlin to safeguard their rights and defend them if the country descends into civil war. Meanwhile, the imperialists, who pose as the defenders of small nations and the champions of “human rights” when it serves their interests, have, once again, shown their true predatory nature in Ukraine.