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RMT deserves London support

by Daphne Liddle

London Underground workers this week proved that the tragic loss of Bob Crow has in no way dented their fighting spirit or their ability to pull off a successful Tube strike to defend jobs, ticket offices and safety standards on London Underground (LU).

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Russia blames US for Ukraine crisis

by our European Affairs correspondent

ANTI-FASCIST protesters seized control of another provincial capital in eastern Ukraine this week while the Kremlin continues to call on the Kiev regime to establish an all-Ukrainian dialogue and find a compromise to end the crisis.

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Workfare creates unemployment

THE GOVERNMENT’S new workfare rules, forcing the long-term unemployed into unpaid work, will not in any way help the long-term unemployed. At the end of the “Help to work” schemes, only a handful will get new jobs they would not otherwise have got — and those jobs will be the worst: parttime, zero-hours at wage rates that will leave the workers not just dependent on in-work benefits but hungry as well.

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