Obama rallies behind Cameron

Meanwhile the American president has been poking his snout into British politics with a direct call to Scots to vote against independence in the forthcoming referendum.

Like the Pope announcing his belief in the doctrine of transubstantiation Barack Obama announced: “We obviously have a deep interest in making sure one of the closest allies that we will ever have remains a strong, robust, united and effective partner”, apparently after being asked to do so by Prime Minister David Cameron, at the G7 Conference Brussels last week.

With pro-independence support growing in the run up to the vote in September Cameron obviously needs all the help he can get though quite why he thinks this obtuse endorsement of the Union will help is another matter.

US imperialism’s interest in Scotland, one way or another, revolves around the continued operation of the Faslane naval base, the centre for Britain’s Trident submarines that deploy Britain’s “nuclear deterrent” which is ultimately controlled by the Americans.

Though the Scottish National Party (SNP) say their government will kick out Trident after independence they are committed to maintaining Faslane as a base for a new independent Scottish navy amid speculation that the SNP may well be ready to negotiate a continued Nato nuclear presence as part of the overall severance package if and when independence comes.

In any case the SNP under Alex Salmond’s leadership is a safe pair of hands as far as Washington is concerned. Scotland’s First Minister did not denounce Obama and the US ruling class for being the bloodthirsty imperialist warmongers that they are but simply went on TV to assure the audience that “if Scotland becomes independent then America will have two allies on this island, not just one”, an answer which also refuted the ludicrous suggestion from “Better Together” leader Alastair Darling that Salmond was like the anti-imperialist Kim Jong Il!

The American worry is not what the SNP will do tomorrow but what a future Scottish Labour government of an independent Scotland, under pressure from the labour and peace movement, could do the day after.