GMB demands £10 per hour living wage

THE ANNUAL conference of the GMB union in Nottingham last week called for a campaign for £10-an-hour living wage in the security industry.

The union says that a £10 per hour living wage would free members from claiming benefits or having to borrow from pay day loan sharks and go some way to reversing inequality of income from work.

It is calling for an end to poverty pay and demanding respect at work and a decent wage they can live on.

GMB Congress was told that according to recently published official figures Nottingham has an average gross household disposable income per head of £11,411 which is the lowest in the East Midlands region and in Britain.

The average gross household disposable income per head for Britain is £16,791.Gross disposable household income is the amount of money that all of the individuals in the household sector have available for spending or saving after income distribution measures (for example taxes, social contributions and benefits) have taken effect.

Included are wages and salaries, rental income and interest on savings and social benefits received and other current transfers.

London has an average household disposable income per head of £21,446 which is the highest in Britain.

The 10 areas with the lowest average gross disposable household income per head are Birmingham £12,793, Bradford £12,786, Walsall £12,686, Stokeon- Trent £ 12,660, Wolverhampton £12,632, West and South of Northern Ireland £12,605, Kingston upon Hull, City of £12,250, Blackburn with Darwen £11,582, Leicester £ 11,539 and Nottingham £11,411.