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ISIS militia sweeps forward in Iraq

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

IRAQI government forces are reeling under a wave of attacks from the ISIS militia, the sectarian Sunni Muslim movement formerly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, which has seized control of Mosul, and a number of other key cities including Fallujah and Saddam Hussein’s home town of Tikrit.

In a spectacular blow to Iraq’s Shia-led government last week, ISIS-led terrorists seized Mosul, its surrounding region of Nineveh and areas of Kirkuk and Salaheddin province. The assault saw gunmen waving black banners raid banks and government buildings and seize military vehicles as thousands of loyalist troops and civilians fled from Iraq’s second-largest city. ISIS fighters overran the Turkish consulate and arrested the head of the diplomatic mission along with 24 staff members while others summarily shot loyalist troops who had been captured or who had unwisely surrendered to their enemies in the hope of mercy.

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GMB demands £10 per hour living wage

THE ANNUAL conference of the GMB union in Nottingham last week called for a campaign for £10-an-hour living wage in the security industry.

The union says that a £10 per hour living wage would free members from claiming benefits or having to borrow from pay day loan sharks and go some way to reversing inequality of income from work.

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No to bombing, no to western intervention!

THE ADVANCE of a sectarian Muslim militia and the collapse of the Iraqi army has plunged the ruling circles in the imperialist world into confusion. In Britain the Cameron government is waiting for a lead from US imperialism while that pathetic old war-monger Tony Blair uses the crisis to justify the lies he told to send British troops to fight America’s dirty war in Iraq in 2003.

The Americans are in a dilemma because the very forces they armed in their bid to overthrow Syria’s popular front government are now turning on the Iraqi leader who was once thought to be a safe pair of hands for imperialism. And all of this is happening with the apparently blessing of America’s greatest Arab ally, the feudal tyrant who sits on the throne of Saudi Arabia.

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