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New terror raids on Gaza

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

ISRAELI warplanes have resumed their blitz on Gaza following claims of a rocket attack on a Zionist settlement in southern Israel. Peace talks in Cairo have broken down and the Palestinian resistance is firing new waves of missiles into Israel in retaliation.

Israeli warplanes are again pounding Gaza ending a week-long truce that the Zionists claim was first broken by Hamas when three Palestinian rockets were fired at Beersheba across the border in the Negev desert. But Hamas, the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood that runs the Gaza Strip, says they didn’t fire those rockets and that this is just a pretext to cover Israel’s refusal to meet any of their just demands at the Cairo talks.

The Israeli air force hit 10 sites in Gaza on Tuesday, killing a number of civilians, including six children and the wife and child of the commander of the Muslim Brothers’ militia.

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Low paid women excluded from ‘recovery’

LOW PAID women are firmly shut out of the Government’s boasted “recovery” according to new research published last week by the Fawcett Society.

The new report [The changing labour market: women, low pay and gender equality in the emerging recovery] includes analysis of national employment data and a survey of 1,003 low paid women.

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Left unity — progress and pitfalls

THERE has been some discussion recently on the role of communists working with other left and progressive forces — even with people who profess to be anti-communist, and keep our Marxist-Leninist principles without becoming sectarian and dogmatic.

It’s a tricky issue and debate will probably continue until we finally achieve a full communist “paradise”.

The major battles that are being fought now — around Gaza, the Ukraine, against austerity, to defend the NHS, to restore wage levels, to restore trade union rights, for peace, against fascism — these are all issues which bring a very wide spectrum of people together — including many middle class intelligentsia, most of whom are well-meaning but who do not have the working class basic grounding in first-hand experience of the greediness, deviousness and perfidy of capitalist employers.

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