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Fascists smashed in east Ukraine

by our European Affairs correspondent

Ukrainian troops have been ordered to cease fire after talks with Russia following a partisan offensive that has driven puppet regime forces and the fascist militias out of much of eastern Ukraine. When the Kremlin renewed its call for a truce on Monday it was turned down by Kiev regime whose ministers vowed to continue the fight, saying a ceasefire would mark a Russian victory while claiming that Russia had launched a full-scale invasion and was threatening to use “tactical nuclear weapons” against them. Two days later they were all clearly having second thoughts.

Hundreds of Ukrainian troops have surrendered. Many more, some say thousands, have crossed over into Russia after handing over their weapons to the anti-fascist militias. Lugansk airport is back in partisan hands. The siege of Donetsk has been broken and rebel forces have surrounded the key port of Mariupol.

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Reasons to march against Nato

by Theo Russell

THE STOP the War Coalition held a packed meeting in central London last week to mobilise for the protests in Newport against Nato expansionism and to hear expert views on the crises in the Ukraine and Iraq.

The meeting heard that the true number of casualties in eastern Ukraine is far higher than being reported, the US had given “a helping hand to the formation of ISIS,” and that the ultimate aim was to “destroy the centres of the Arab world”.

Boris Kagarlitsky, editor of the Moscow journal Levaya Politika (Left Politics), said the true figure for those killed in the Eastern Ukraine fighting “is around 40,000”. “This is happening in Europe, and it is happening now,” he said.

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Heading for a third world war?

THE ANTI-FASCIST rebel region in eastern Ukraine is having great military success at the moment — and this seems to be at least in part due to the reluctance of many of the Kiev conscripts to fight on behalf of a fascist regime.

Nevertheless the western media is screaming that Russia has invaded the region as an explanation of the military failures of the junta and this is the version of events that most westerners are carrying round in their heads now. It is allowing Nato, at its recent summit in Newport, South Wales to accelerate its plans for a massive military build-up in eastern Europe preparatory to a possible strike against Russia. Somehow it feels like 1939 all over again.

Do the Pentagon hawks really feel they can do to Russia what they have done to Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and tried to do to Syria? Such a conflict would have massive repercussions all around the world including the Far East. It would be a third world war, putting the future of the human race at risk.

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