Imperialism on the defensive

THE IMPERIALISTS have suffered a number of setbacks in recent weeks. The Israelis have, once again, failed to crush the Palestinian resistance and the Kiev puppet regime has been forced to accept a truce it didn’t want after suffering a series of defeats at the hands of the anti-fascist militias in eastern Ukraine.

Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism expected a short, sharp victory when they gave the go-ahead to Israel to unleash the Zionist war-machine against the Palestinian Hamas government in the Gaza Strip. They shed crocodile tears when millions took to the streets across the world in rage at the Israelis who were killing and maiming thousands of Palestinian civilians in terror air and missile attacks on Gaza.

They did nothing to end the bloodshed until it became perfectly clear that the resistance could not be broken and that Israel, which did not escape unscathed, could no longer sustain a protracted campaign.

The Israelis were forced to accept a ceasefire largely on terms laid down by the Palestinians. Whether the Zionists honour their pledges to end the blockade of the Palestinian enclave is, of course, another matter.

American plans to build a reactionary Sunni Arab block to confront Iran and Syria and anyone else who challenged the interests of the big oil corporations have come unstuck as the House of Saud wages a proxy war with the upstart Qatari royal family for control of the Islamic fundamentalist community.

Sectarian Sunni militias that the imperialists had armed and funded to bring down the Syrian government are now fighting each other while rival para-military groups battle for control of Libya’s devastated cities and towns. Meanwhile, the “Islamic State”, a sectarian force largely of imperialist creation, has joined hands with the Baathist resistance to take over swathes of territory, jeopardising US control of the country’s oil fields and forcing the Americans to resume air and drone attacks in Iraq.

In Ukraine the imperialists were united in their determination to bring down the elected Yanukovych government in February but divided on what should replace it.

Reactionary Ukrainian politicians, in the pay of the Americans or the French and Germans and allied to the neo-Nazi militias, which prop up the Kiev regime, struggle for ascendency in the sham parliament in Kiev while their attempts to crush the anti-fascist movements in the east have ground to a halt in the face of the people’s resistance.

While events in recent weeks have demonstrated the limitations of imperialist power, American attempts to rule the world continue unabated. Last week’s Nato summit in Wales showed that this imperialist war machine is planning to reinforce its operational capacity in order to intervene across the world in the interests of monopoly capitalism, in conditions where competition is sharpening amongst them.

The so-called “anti-missile shield”, the increased budgets for arms programmes, the sanctions against Russia and the plan to bring Ukraine into Nato are a grave threat to world peace.

Nato is not the “protector of the security of the peoples of Europe” as it provocatively claims. On the contrary, it is a dangerous enemy of the peoples of Europe and their struggles and its interventions bring wars, suffering, dictatorships and coups.

Nato is an enemy of peace and social progress. It exists solely in the interests of imperialism. It is only through resistance to Nato and its plans, and the plans of the European Union and the other imperialist organisations, that the peoples of Europe in every country and through coordinated struggles can chart their own path, without capitalist exploitation and war.