24th April 2015Homes for people not for profit! Massacre in the Mediterranean. Fair pay for fast food workers.

17th April 2015Stop Trident renewal SAVE £100 BILLION. Steel unions ballot for strike. Reform or revolution?

10th April 2015Doctors attack Tory NHS. No choice but Labour. Penzance strikers demand reinstatement.

3rd April 2015Fat cats back Tories. No privatisation at the National Gallery! A woman’s work.

27th March 2015Our class needs unity. Scottish News. Fight for wages; fight for socialism.

20th March 2015Tories dash to sell off NHS. Aylesbury occupiers seize 12-storey block.Budget triumphalism is fooling few.

13th March 2015Labour must listen to the workers. Million Women Rise march. Creeping fascism.

6th March 2015Stop the cruel sanctions. Economical with the truth. Russian reactionary killed in Moscow.

27th February 2015Cameron sends troops to Ukraine. UAF conference Standing up to fascism and racism. Capitalist ethics.

20th February 2015Ukraine: Debaltsevo troops surrender. KKE standing strong. Inquiry into benefit cut deaths dropped.

13th February 2015The ties that bind capitalism. Battles rage as peace talks begin. The front line against imperialism.

6th February 2015US backs Kiev Nazis. Londoners demand homes. Nothing to lose but our chains.

30th January 2015Ukraine: anti fascists sweep forward. NHS staff win new pay offer. Syriza — the grand illusion.

23rd January 2015Ukrainian fascists beaten back. 40 per cent of families struggling. The limits of free speech.

16th January 2015Cameron out! The two-faced sponsors of terrorism. Paris pays the price of French politics. Eric Trevett remembered.

9th January 2015The Tories are killing the NHS. Set the Truth Free in London Christmas protest. Happy New Year.

New Communist Party