The front line against imperialism

OUR ERA is a time of sharpening contradictions and the primary contradiction in the world today is between United States imperialism and the rest of the world it seeks to dominate. As the political and economic crisis deepens around the world the struggle for markets and spheres of influence becomes acute.

This is so much so that the aggressor countries, in their need to win the battle for markets and minerals, turn to war and crude methods to replace diplomacy and negotiations. The United States is the major imperialist power and is keeping to its aims of provoking war and building up its military machine.

But resistance is growing. On the front line of struggle the heroic partisans of Novorossiya have beaten back yet another fascist offensive in the Ukraine; the Cuban people have forced the Americans to free the remaining three members of the Miami Five and Democratic Korea stands firm in the face of renewed threats from US imperialism.

The release of the three Cuban intelligence officers in December was a victory for the world-wide campaign for the release of the Cubans who were jailed in 1998 for trying to stop Cuban émigré gangs in Miami from carrying out terrorist attacks against the Cuban people.

It ends one chapter in the shameful history of US relations with the socialist island in the Caribbean. But the struggle goes on. The Cuban prisoners were freed in exchange for an American spy arrested in 2009 and the release of 53 other agents of imperialism.

The Americans also agreed to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease some of the restrictions on travel and trade with the island. But immediately after the deal was done the Americans earmarked $11 million for “human rights” campaigns in Cuba to further develop its campaign to destabilise the socialist republic. This is not normalisation and the blanket embargo against Cuba goes on.

Another US-led blockade continues against Democratic Korea. US imperialism continues to prop up a puppet regime in the south that claims to represent all Koreans but in fact represents only the most venal and corrupt servants of imperialism that the Americans can find to do their dirty work on the Korean peninsula.

The annual Foal Eagle and Key Resolve military exercises, which simulate a joint US and puppet regime invasion of the DPR Korea are going ahead despite the DPRK’s offer to suspend nuclear testing if they are cancelled.

The Americans are, at the same time, banging the drum of “human rights” to sponsor a new hate campaign against the north using proven liars as alleged “witnesses” to alleged abuses in Democratic Korea.

The Americans and the rest of the imperialist pack pose as pillars of virtue when they talk about “human rights” while the European imperialists have created a special category of war crimes that only applies to Africans and others who stand in their way.

None of them say anything about the Abu Ghraib concentration camp that the Americans ran when they occupied Iraq and they all suffer from selective amnesia when it comes to the verified legion of war-crimes that the Americans and their lackeys committed in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the last century let alone those of its Israeli and feudal Arab allies across the Middle East.

In Ukraine US imperialism is backing the Nazi gangs that have spread death and destruction across Ukraine as part of their effort to take the country into Nato and use it as a springboard to break-up the Russian Federation. But in eastern Ukraine the people have taken up the gun to fight for freedom and build new people’s democracies with the support of communists and all the working people of Novorossiya.

Wherever there is oppression there is resistance and communists, socialists and all class-conscious workers must close ranks, organise and rally workers in the bitter struggle ahead.