Spawn of Blair betray Corbyn

by Daphne Liddle

THE HOUSE of Commons voted on Wednesday night, after a marathon 10-hour debate, for the British government to join in the bombing of Syria along with the United States and various other imperialist lackeys.

Britain will be contributing one squadron of ageing RAF Tornadoes and Eurofighters, now renamed Typhoons. They will be using Brimstone missiles that come equipped with laser and radar guidance designed to be deployed against moving targets, and this will be a showcase for David Cameron to sell a few more.

So far he has sold them only to Saudi Arabia, which is using them to flatten Yemen.

Britain’s contribution to destroying ISIS will be a token gesture compared with the efforts being put in by Russia and the United States.

And like the Unites States, Britain will be acting without the permission or agreement of the legally elected Assad government of Syria. The real purpose of the western imperialists is to protect the disunited rag-bag collection of mercenaries and Islamic extremists in Syria who are fighting to bring down the Assad government.

These minor terrorists, who include Al Qaeda, are the mythical “70,000 Free Syrian Army boots on the ground” that Cameron boasts will be working along with the British forces.

Russia is the only major ally that is actually helping the Syrian people and is there with the permission of the Assad government, helping its troops to destroy ISIS and the minor terrorists.

Since the RAF will be defending these terrorists there is a chance it could come into conflict with Russian planes.

In the House of Commons on Wednesday those voting for the bombing included 66 Labour Party Blairites who revealed themselves to be totally out of touch both with their own party and with public opinion in Britain.

Never has it been clearer that the front line of the class struggle is inside the Labour Party, and never has it been more important for Labour Party members and supporters to rally round the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn was elected leader of the party last September with a landslide vote and this was a major gain for the working class in winning control of the party they created to represent their interests.

But the anti-working class Blairite elements in the party are still entrenched in some of the party structures and particularly the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

They were never just going to walk away from the fight and they are determined to get back the leadership. Their careers depend on it and big business has too much investment riding on the Blairites taking back that leadership.

A Labour Party opposed to privatisation is bad news for the ultra-rich one per cent and so they have spent a lot of time and money fostering the Blairites.

Hilary Benn led them in voting against their party line and from the praise he has won from the media it is clear that the ruling class see him as their favourite alternative to Corbyn.

Steve Hedley, deputy general secretary of the RMT union, commented: “Hilary Benn, what a Judas! Tony will be spinning in his grave at this warmongering disloyal ambitious wretch.”

So it is time for the real representatives of the working class — all those true socialists who were driven out in the Blair years but who have now returned in force and the new young members who are enthused — to drive out these traitors and to secure their party for the working class.

The struggle never stops; in victory we fight to consolidate and move on, and in defeat we fight regain ground and challenge again and again.

Jeremy Corbyn told his supporters on Wednesday night: “This is a sad day. The Government motion on bombing has won by a margin of 397 to 223 and air strikes will go ahead in Syria. Thanks so much to everyone who has worked so hard over the last few weeks and days to change MPs’ minds and put the case against a dangerous, incoherent strategy.”

Stop the War will carry on its campaign, fighting to get Britain out of this war.