Victory in Syria

THE SYRIAN army has surrounded the rebel-held enclave in Aleppo in a new offensive that has liberated swathes of territory in the north of the country.

As usual the willing media tools of imperialism and the “human rights” gang are bleating on about the plight of civilians trapped in the terrorist-held enclaves to justify calls on Russia to halt their bombing and for Syria to accept a cease-fire in advance of any meaningful progress to end the conflict. When the sectarian militias were winning these people said little or nothing about the plight of the Syrian civilians massacred or enslaved by ISIS and its cohorts. Now the boot’s on the other foot so they blame the Syrian government for the collapse of the Geneva peace talks and clamour for a unilateral cease-fire to give the terrorists, who have been less than covertly funded and armed by Nato and the feudal Arab kings, a breathing space to save their skins and fight again.

The Geneva talks were doomed from the start. The Saudi—Turkish “Riyadh” group sabotaged it by demanding impossible pre-conditions from the Syrian government that they refuse to recognise in the hope that a breakdown would lead to Nato supplies of sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons or even direct imperialist intervention against the Assad government.

It’s clear that the ruling circles in Europe and the United States realise that their old plan for regime change in Syria has not only failed but has plunged Europe into a refugee crisis that it can barely handle. They are also clearly divided on what to do next.

Direct Libyan-style intervention on the pretext of establishing “safe havens” and “no-fly zones” has been ruled out by Russian opposition at the United Nations and by the Russian air-force squadrons in Syria. Indirect Nato intervention by Turkey and Saudi Arabia is another matter.

Turkish troops have, of course, already been intervening in Syria. They set up the rat-runs that convey the arms, cash and Islamic volunteers across the border into Syria in the first place. Last year they used the Nato-led coalition’s campaign against ISIS as a pretext to bomb Kurdish positions in Syria. But they overstepped the mark when they shot down a Russian war-plane that had briefly strayed over their territory in December. The Kremlin has retaliated with crippling economic sanctions and a very clear warning that any further provocations will meet with a robust response.

But now it seems the Saudis are getting bolder, with threats to send thousands of their own special forces into Syria allegedly to fight ISIS but, in reality, to boost the flagging fortunes of the Syrian rebels.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari, said this talk came from “amateur politicians who don’t realize what they are saying”.

“Let them first win in Yemen over the resistance against the Saudi occupation and then turn to Syria, where they will be duly dealt with,” he added.

If the imperialists really want to stem the tide of Syrian refugees coming to Europe they should end their support for the forces that have brought so much death and destruction to Syria over the past five years. If they really want to stop terror they should stop supporting the Syrian rebels and back Russian mediation efforts to bring an end to the conflict.

In the meantime the Syrian army is advancing on all fronts against the sectarian militias with the support of their own aviation and the might of the Russian air-force.

This may not be the end but it is certainly the beginning of the end of the Islamic fundamentalists’ reign of terror in Syria.