Support Corbyn!

by Daphne Liddle

WE ALWAYS knew that the front line of the class struggle is inside the labour movement and in particular inside the Labour Party. And we have known well that the ruling class has infiltrated its agents and hangers-on into the party with the mission of getting themselves selected and then elected to be MPs, councillors and other petty officials.

It has been a mission well-suited to middle class careerists and opportunists who look upon the political arena only as a ladder for their personal advancement and enrichment.

But the extent of their infiltration was shown up last week when their ruling class mentors suddenly realised that there is a real possibility of a Corbyn-led Labour government in this country and outside the control of the European Union (EU).

When this happens he will be in a position to reverse some of the worst attacks that the working class in Britain have sustained since 1979.

So the hidden hands behind the attempted ruling class take-over of the Labour Party are desperate and have instructed their agents to blow their cover in a desperate attempt to remove Jeremy Corbyn from the party leadership — even if that means wrecking the party completely.

Last Tuesday 170 Labour MPs signed a motion of no-confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, although this has no constitutional standing in the party.

According to the party rules, in any leadership election the incumbent leader’s name will automatically appear on the ballot paper — unless they have resigned. And support for Corbyn is now even higher amongst the rank and file members — and amongst the unions — than it was a year ago when he first won the leadership with a landslide majority of over 60 per cent.


The renegade MPs’ chances of winning such a campaign are low but they do have plenty of right-wing “New Labour” councillors and other petty officials on their side. But this is outweighed by the huge numbers of left-wing former Labour members and supporters who had been driven out by the Blairites who re-joined to support Corbyn.

The Blairite rebel MPs are also wary that they may receive a further blow next week with the publication of the Chilcot report into the legality of the Iraq War. This could see the war, which every one of these right-wing MPs voted to support, being declared illegal and Tony Blair, their hero, being shown to be a war criminal.

And they are desperate so they may chance pressing for a Labour leadership election anyway.

The process alone would hamper Corbyn now, at a time when action is needed to take full advantage of the disarray amongst the Tories. If it does happen it will have to be fought hard in every constituency and in every union across the country.

Corbyn himself has said he will “not betray” Labour members by resigning, despite three-quarters of the party’s MPs voting against him in a “no confidence” motion.

In a statement following the vote, Corbyn said that Labour has a “responsibility to give a lead” in the face of a government in “disarray”.

Unite’s Len McCluskey has reinstated his backing for Corbyn following the vote, saying that “the extraordinary behaviour from Labour MPs has achieved nothing”.

Meanwhile the Tories are in deep trouble. Cameron has reneged on his promise to trigger Article 50 to start the process of Britain withdrawing from the EU.

To his credit, although Corbyn campaigned for Britain to remain in Europe he has declared that he respects the democratic verdict of the referendum to leave and has called for article 50 to be triggered immediately.

There are suspicions that Tory leaders will try to drag out the leaving process or even abandon it.

On Monday EU leaders vented their anger on David Cameron as he attended the EU in Brussels. They are furious that he allowed the referendum to happen and for it to result in a major set-back to the EU and the strength of neo-liberal imperialism around the globe.

We must rally to support Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party and the call for Article 50 to be triggered. And we must support Labour members in their constituencies calling for compulsory reselection of MPs before the next general election to make sure there are no more traitors lurking on the Labour backbenches. By their actions the MPs have brought this on themselves.

The ruling class is bound to revert to further dirty tricks and we must be ready. But the dirtier they get the more they provoke the anger of our class and help us to mobilise.