Combat terror at the source

THERE’S been a frenzied response to the wave of terror attacks across Europe in the bourgeois media. Every day they tell us that this is the work of the followers of the “Islamic State” (ISIS) and indeed it is in most cases. Our new Foreign Secretary, BorisJohnson, jumped the gun however, when he rashly blamed the Bavarian killings on the “global sickness” of Islamist terrorism.

Johnson said: “If, as seems very likely, this is another terrorist incident, then I think it proves once again that we have a global phenomenon and a global sickness that we have to tackle both at the source — in the areas where the cancer is being incubated in the Middle East — and also of course around the world.” But it soon transpired that the murder of nine people, seven of them children, in Munich, was the work of a deranged teenager of Muslim origin, obsessed with guns, who had spent the past year preparing for his shooting spree.

We can, perhaps, forgive Johnson for jumping to conclusions. The other attacks in Germany and France have apparently been carried out by ISIS followers. We can’t, however, condone the solutions that the Tory Government he represents are churning out. Johnson says that Britain needs to address the process of radicalisation. “We have to ask ourselves, what is going on? How is the switch being thrown in the minds of these people?” he says. But all we can expect is another call for more repressive measures against refugees and the working class as a whole, wrapped up in the socio-psychological babble that the Government uses to mask its real intentions these days.

It’s just the same in Germany and France. The major bourgeois parties call for greater vigilance and a new “war on terror”, whilst the far-right and openly European fascist movements are stepping up demands for the expulsion of all Muslim refugees.

Our new Palmerston is, however, right on one thing. The “global sickness” must, indeed, be tackled “at the source — in the areas where the cancer is being incubated in the Middle East”. But not the way he, and the rest of the imperialist pack, want it done by getting rid of President Bashar al-Assad and the legitimate government of Syria.

These Islamist fanatics, ISIS and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhoods, are what Assad and Syria’s popular forces are up against. These are the terrorist gangs, less than covertly armed by Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism, and funded by the feudal kings of Arabia, that have inspired the carnage in Brussels, Paris, Nice and Munich.

The imperialists say that they are fighting ISIS but supporting the “moderate” Syrian opposition. Well last week the American-backed “moderate” militia called the Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki (supported directly by the CIA) captured a Palestinian kid, accused him of being “pro-Assad” and cut his head off. This atrocity took place in rebel-held northern Aleppo. This week their positions were raided by Syrian commandos, killing several terrorists including the man who beheaded the Palestinian boy.

The entire world should be grateful to the Syrian Arab Army and Syria’s popular defence forces who have stood steadfastly against these terror gangs for the past five years. The entire world should be grateful to the Russian air-force, whose operations have done so much to turn the tide against these barbarous savages.

The peace and labour movement in Britain and throughout Europe must mobilise to cut the NATO pipe-line of cash and arms to these reactionary terror gangs, and to demand a positive response to Russian efforts to end the conflict in Syria..