Corbyn grows stronger despite dirty tricks

by Daphne Liddle

JEREMY Corbyn’s standing amongst the Labour Party membership is going from strength to strength as the plots and schemes of the media and the traitor Labour MPs have no effect except to show up what a poisonous, devious, lying bunch of ruling class toadies they are.

The BBC has admitted intentionally damaging the Corbyn leadership with a contrived live resignation shortly after Corbyn won the party leadership.

Corbyn was systematically undermined and attacked by the British press as soon as he became leader. Figures show that 60 per cent of the pieces involving Corbyn during his first seven days of leadership were negative.

After mass resignations by 172 Labour MPs and a meaningless vote of no confidence in Corbyn, a clearly reluctant and dithering Angela Eagle was pressed into launching a challenge to Corbyn’s leadership.

But after a few disastrous interviews in the media, in which Eagle was unable to say which of Corbyn’s policies she disagreed with or what her own policies would be, she was pushed aside to make way for new challenger Owen Smith.

His showing is becoming even more disastrous as his career as a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and his support for increased privatisation of NHS services become known. And he is no better about saying what is wrong with Corbyn’s policies or putting forward alternatives than Eagle was.

Now the renegade Labour MPs who backed Smith are wavering. Sarah Champion has “unresigned” and is now back in the Shadow Cabinet. One anonymous source from within their ranks told the Times: “We’ve not exactly got Rocky in the ring.” And they have failed to win the support of London mayor Sadiq Khan, who has made it clear that he is not a supporter of Corbyn but seems keen to distance himself from the toxic plotters.

Bookmakers are now quoting odds of Corbyn winning the contest again of one-to-six.

Just last week it was revealed that a powerful British public relations firm with close ties to former Prime Minister Tony Blair and key Labour officials behind the failed coup to oust Corbyn knew of the MPs’ “mass resignation” plans half a year ago.

New members are pouring into the party in spite of the £25 hurdle put in place by Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to keep the masses out. And most of them intend voting for Corbyn.

This of course will provide a good income for the party so that it will no longer need donations from people like millionaire donor Michael Foster, who is now trying to sue the party in a bid to remove Corbyn’s name from the leadership ballot

Michael Foster is a former show business agent whose clients have included actors Sacha Baron Cohen and Hugh Grant and radio host Chris Evans. Foster is also the man who heckled Corbyn at a Labour Friends of Israel reception last year. Foster screamed: “Oi! Oi! Say the word Israel!” in response to Corbyn’s speech at the event last September.

But although Corbyn’s standing is rising, the Labour Party’s standing in the polls has dropped significantly since the plotters’ attempted coup, which fell immediately after the referendum on the European Union.

Since Corbyn won the leadership last year the party has done well in local and by-elections, and just before the attempted coup Labour had crept ahead of Cameron’s Tories in the polls.

It is undoubtedly the divisive and wrecking actions of the plotters that have caused this fall in Labour’s standing. And now some of them are admitting that they would rather lose a general election than win one with Corbyn as leader.

Their actions are more outrageous than any of those of the former Militant group in the 1970s and ‘80s. They have shown themselves as anti-Labour and should not expect to be reselected as MPs or even remain in the party.

Genuine Labour supporters are now seeing more and more that these plotters, by their own actions, have no place in a democratic party. As Unite union leader Len McCluskey has said, there must be a reselection process of MPs before the next election, and only MPs willing to accept and work with the elected leader should be supported by the party to stand for election to Parliament.

The ruling class dirty tricksters have been entrenched inside the Labour Party for a very long time. Finally they have emerged into the light of day in their desperation to prevent Britain ever having an honest socialist, albeit reformist, as Prime Minister and now the world can see how dirty their actions are.