Playing with Fire in Syria

THE AMERICAN attack on Syrian army positions, mistaken or otherwise, has effectively put an end to the ceasefire so labouriously agreed with the Russians the week before. US imperialism quickly moved to implicate Britain and its other NATO allies in its murderous attack. The British, Australian and Danish governments immediately complied with the American scenario even though the Russians and Syrians say that the raid was carried out by US war-planes alone.

Whether it was a genuine error or a deliberate attempt by the war party within the ruling circles of US imperialism to sabotage the Russian-American agreement remains to be seen. The US airforce is certainly notoriously prone to launching “friendly fire” attacks on allies or third parties. But their mealy-mouthed apology has failed to convince many Russians, let alone the Syrian government, which formally ended the truce the following day.

Did the RAF really join the US airforce in their deadly raid on Syrian army positions around Deir ez-Zou or is the May government simply providing another alibi for the Americans in Syria? At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter because all it shows is that the British government is prepared to support US aggression in any part of the world whether it be in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya.

Russian and Syrian war-planes are now back to work pounding the terrorists that do the bidding of US imperialism and Arab reaction in Syria. The danger of a major NATO clash with Russian aviation grows by the day. Mrs May’s government is playing with fire in Syria today. Don’t blame the Kremlin if you get hurt.