Demonising Russia

WESTERN imperialism has accelerated sharply its propaganda war against Russia this week and two major factors seem to be involved.

Firstly the success of the elected Syrian government, actively supported by Russia, in liberating the town of Aleppo from the western-backed extremist jihadi terrorists, who have held it under a regime of terror and atrocities for a couple of years.

And secondly there is the approaching United States presidential election that is turning into tragicomic farce — with both candidates disliked and distrusted by most Americans, and resorting to ever more ridiculous claims and promises in a way that can only appeal to the paranoid haters and warmongers amongst the US population. Snap polls and social media comment suggest that the candidates have massively overestimated the proportion of crazy warmongers in their population.

But unfortunately the US voters are firmly locked into a system that is going to deliver them either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump — neither of whom is safe to leave in charge of a nuclear arsenal. We can only hope that what they would do once elected is not the same as the Third World War they seem to be promising now.

Trump is a loose cannon whose declarations on foreign policy are hostile, confusing and contradictory. Clinton is more predictable — part of the US industrial-military complex — and is almost certain to be dangerously aggressive. She has already declared that she intends to oust the democratically elected Bashar Assad government in Syria — in complete defiance of international law.

To justify this stance the US government and its leading accomplices around the world are now on a mission to demonise Russia for its support for the people of Syria, and are portraying the slow and difficult task of liberating Aleppo as a war crime against the civilian citizens.

In France President Hollande has refused to meet Putin. In London Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has called on peace campaigners to protest outside the Russian embassy — but the Stop the War campaigners are wise enough not to be used as tools in justifying an attack on Russia.

US bombings and war crimes against civilian populations in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Korea and dozens of other places are not mentioned. Nor are the atrocities being carried out daily by the US’s regional Satraps, Israel and Saudi Arabia, against the people of Palestine and Yemen.

They are demonising Russia, which has abided absolutely by the letter of international law in Syria, because it is helping the Syrians to win against the full force that western imperialism can throw at them.

And there is nothing that makes the US government-industrial-military complex more mad than the feeling that it is steadily losing control of the world. It is a strange coincidence that this is happening in International Mental Health week because the whole centre of the US state is acting like a dangerous psychopath — it has lost all sense of human empathy, all consideration for the long-term consequences of its actions and sees only that it must regain the total world control that it imagines is its natural right. It will stoop to any lies, smears and dirty tricks in the process. It does not seem to understand that most people around the world — including in the US itself — can now see through this barrage of crude propaganda.

It can see its own power waning whilst that of China, Russia and other big nations is growing economically, politically and militarily. It fears that if it hesitates, sooner or later it will be crushed in the way that Germany and Japan were crushed in 1945.

It is not the people of Syria who need liberating from their own government but the people of the United States.