... And in America

THE ELECTION of a vile racist, sexist, tax-dodger to the White House may have stunned the world. But it has also accelerated the yawning divisions within the most powerful ruling class in the world. The ruling clique that produced the Clintons and the Bushes has been broken and the newcomer is a complete loose cannon.

Racists and fascists in the US will see it as permission for them to increase their attacks on Native American, Black, Latino and Asian citizens and there could soon be bloody clashes. Canada might find itself with a new refugee problem.

But Trump’s Monroe-like foreign policies could have most of the rest of the world heaving a sigh of relief if he keeps his word about cutting NATO contributions and withdrawing from foreign interventions — in order to invest more resources in rebuilding the US infrastructure.

Various puppet governments around the world — in Seoul, Tel Aviv, Kabul, Baghdad, Kiev and many other places will be feeling very worried right now that they will lose some or all of their US military protection.

Inside the US divisions are deepening. Another banking crisis could completely destabilise the country.

We are living in interesting times; we need to keep our wits about us, our eyes open for opportunities arising from the chaos and above all to unite and organise. Marxist-Leninist theory is vital to us but lengthy and irrelevant disputes about how many Trotskyists can agitate on the point of a pin waste time and divide us. We need to drop petty sectarianism and stand together. We are approaching a turning point of history.