The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 9th December 2016

Aleppo liberated

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

SYRIAN troops smashed through the last rebel defences in Aleppo this week freeing all parts of the Old City, the historic centre of Aleppo that has been under terrorist control for the past four years. Diplomatic attempts at the United Nations to halt the onslaught were thwarted when Russia and China vetoed an imperialist-inspired call on the Security Council for a seven-day local “humanitarian pause” ceasefire.

Some of the NATO-backed gunmen were evacuated to rebel-lines under a deal apparently brokered by Russia and Turkey. Others simply fled.

The big push started late last month when the Syrian army launched an offensive to clear the terror gangs out of Aleppo altogether. The ISIS and Al Qaida gunmen initially put up a fierce resistance in the street battles that began two weeks ago. But their morale collapsed when it became clear that neither the Americans nor the Turks were going to intervene to save their skins.

In a desperate attempt to halt desertions from their own ranks, the fanatics shelled a Russian field hospital in the hope that it would provoke the Syrian army into cutting off all the roads and escape corridors around the rebel-held enclave. Two Russian nurses were killed and a doctor seriously injured in the attack. A Russian military adviser was also fatally wounded when a government-controlled neighbourhood came under artillery fire.

Meanwhile the Israelis rocketed a Syrian air-force base near Damascus in another effort to boost the flagging morale of the terrorist gangs. The missiles, launched from the occupied Golan Heights, did little damage and no-one was hurt. A Syrian military source said that this attack will only make the Syrian Arab Army “even more determined to cut off the hands of the terrorist agents of the Zionist entity, which should be held fully responsible for the repercussions and consequences of these criminal attacks”.

The Syrian Arab Army along with the people’s militias now control 85 per cent of East Aleppo. Army engineering units were searching for landmines and explosive devices and dismantling them in the recently liberated neighbourhoods, while other troops are mopping up the remaining pockets of resistance in what had once been the main terrorist stronghold in the country. “The remnants of armed groups are completely knocked out of the old quarters of Aleppo. The enemy is defeated and flees to the southern districts, to the remaining terrorist outposts” a Syrian military spokesperson said.

Egypt is sending engineering units to Syria to assist the Russian and Syrian military in clearing up mines in the liberated districts of eastern Aleppo. Egypt has been actively helping the Syrian government in the fight against terrorists, as the country recognises that the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group and other sectarian Muslim Brotherhoods are a serious threat to Egypt as well.

Around 200 Egyptian troops and security experts are already stationed in a number of Syrian coordination centres and military bases across the country as well as in the Syrian Army general staff centre in Damascus.

Last month a group of 18 Egyptian pilots, mostly helicopter pilots, arrived at a Syrian air force base in Hama. Four high-ranking Egyptian officers were also deployed on the Syrian Army’s general staff base in Damascus, while two Egyptian major-generals started to work in a Syrian army command centre about a month ago. Reportedly, they head reconnaissance operations, the latest of which were conducted in Quneitra in the Golan Heights.

A Cairo newspaper, citing unnamed Syrian security sources, said Egypt is also going to dispatch its crack “Thunder Forces” to Syria and plans to start joint operations with Syrian troops against the terror gangs in January.