The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 9th December 2016

Lead story

Aleppo liberated

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

SYRIAN troops smashed through the last rebel defences in Aleppo this week freeing all parts of the Old City, the historic centre of Aleppo that has been under terrorist control for the past four years. Diplomatic attempts at the United Nations to halt the onslaught were thwarted when Russia and China vetoed an imperialist-inspired call on the Security Council for a seven-day local “humanitarian pause” ceasefire.

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Grayling targets Network Rail

TRANSPORT Secretary Chris Grayling on Tuesday announced a major overhaul of the way railways operate in England that has been condemned by the rail union RMT as a step towards the piecemeal privatisation of Network Rail.

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The battle for Momentum

THE NATIONAL Committee of Momentum met last weekend and voted that the organisation will have a proper founding conference early next year to give it a regular, democratically accountable structure, and that the meeting will be held on the basis of elected delegates from local groups.

That decision came in the face of fierce opposition by Jon Lansman, the hitherto leader of Momentum, who preferred a more virtual, on-line structure, with debate and voting both conducted on line on the basis of one-member-one-vote.

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