The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 16th December 2016

Freedom for Aleppo!

THERE’S BEEN much wailing in the temples of bourgeois power over the liberation of Aleppo this week. But the bleats of reactionary politicians and their media gurus have been drowned by the cheers of the Syrian people who took to the streets of Aleppo and Damascus to celebrate the defeat of the ISIS and Al Qaeda gangs that had held part of the biggest city in the country in their thrall for over four years.

The fall of Palmyra to ISIS, no doubt assisted by the same US forces that claim to be fighting them in Iraq, shows that these sectarian Muslim brotherhoods will still keep up the fight as long as the money and arms keep flowing in from the imperialists and their feudal Arab and Zionist lackeys in the region.

But the surrender of the last pockets of resistance to the Syrian army in Aleppo must surely be the end of the road for the NATO-backed terrorist campaign that has spread death and destruction across the country in an attempt to overthrow the popular front government in Damascus.

Last week the Syrian Communist Party (Unified) called the ongoing war in the country “one of most barbarous imperialist aggressions of the age since the Second World War.” The party, one of the two communist movements in Syria’s National Progressive Front government, said that the Syrian people, along with the government, the Syrian army and the progressive political forces of the country, have been bravely resisting this aggression since its beginning in 2011.

The progressive parties in Syria are struggling to uphold the living conditions of the people in war-time conditions and in the face of an unjust imperialist economic blockade. But

“the Syrians have proven their patriotism throughout the years of imperialist aggression and that they are holding on to democratic progressive independent life while at the same time supporting a political solution of the crisis.”

Calling on all progressive and democratic forces throughout the world to step up their solidarity with Syria, the Syrian communists said: “Syria will continue her struggle in defence of Syrian people and to free the whole Syrian soil of aggressors.”

The primary contradiction in the world today is between United States imperialism and the rest of the world it seeks to dominate. As the political and economic crisis deepens the struggle for markets and spheres of influence becomes acute, so much so that US imperialism, in its need to win the battle for markets and minerals, turns to war, and crude methods replace diplomacy and negotiations.

The imperialists like to pose as pillars of righteousness. When it suits them American, British and Franco-German imperialists will bang the drum of “human rights”. They’ll bleat on that they are the friends of the Arabs when they think they can get away with it.

But when the Lebanese were attacked by Israel in 2006, Anglo-American imperialism did nothing to stop it until it became clear that the Israelis were losing. They look on while the Palestinians languish under a brutal occupation and the Gazans suffer an inhumane and illegal blockade.

They posed as the friends of the Libyan people to get a mandate at the United Nations (UN) Security Council, giving undertakings to the Russian and Chinese governments that were soon broken. The mandate was then used to sanction NATO support for the overthrow of the Gaddafi government by Libyan reactionaries in imperialist pay. Renewed attempts to use the UN as a cover for imperialist “regime change” in Syria are now regularly foiled by Russian and Chinese vetoes.

Syria is on the front-line of confrontation with imperialism. It is our duty to support the stand of the Syrian government and the communist and progressive forces in Syria fighting to defend their independence and their democratic, secular constitution.