The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 3rd February 2017

Lead story

Syrian forces hammer rebels on all fronts

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THE SYRIAN Arab Army, backed by Iranian and Lebanese volunteers, the Kurdish militia and the Russian air force, are continuing to hammer ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood gunmen across the country. Syrian troops liberated a strategic enclave near Damascus and regained control of a swathe of territory along the border with Lebanon while the Syrian government and some rebel militias took part in peace talks sponsored by Russia, Turkey and Iran, in Astana, the capital of the former Soviet Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan.

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MPs say refugee housing is ‘shameful’

THE HOUSE of Commons Home Affairs Committee described housing provided for refugees in Britain by private sector contractors as “a disgrace” and “shameful” in a report published on Tuesday.

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Not welcome in Britain

MILLIONS of people in America and throughout the rest of the world have taken to the streets to protest against the racist and reactionary agenda of the new president of the United States. Donald Trump won the presidential race on a platform based on bible-punching bogus patriotism, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim bigotry, and even more tax breaks for the rich. So nobody should be surprised at Trump’s moving to implement some of his campaign promises as soon as he set foot in the White House. Whether he will move, as promised, to ease tensions with Russia is another matter.

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