The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 3rd February 2017

Not welcome in Britain

MILLIONS of people in America and throughout the rest of the world have taken to the streets to protest against the racist and reactionary agenda of the new president of the United States. Donald Trump won the presidential race on a platform based on bible-punching bogus patriotism, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim bigotry, and even more tax breaks for the rich. So nobody should be surprised at Trump’s moving to implement some of his campaign promises as soon as he set foot in the White House. Whether he will move, as promised, to ease tensions with Russia is another matter.

Although the days are long gone of talk about the “English speaking peoples,” Conservative leaders still talk about the ties that supposedly bind Britain and the United States, and constantly tell us that Anglo-American imperialism enjoys a “special relationship” that began before the First World War and continues to this day. Some Tories even identify with the US Republican Party despite the obvious differences in origins and structure.

But there’s nothing British workers can do to influence the American electorate one way or another. Nor would we want to, despite the claims of the Atlantacists within the Labour Party who would have us believe that the Democrats, the other wing of the bourgeois US establishment, are an authentic part of the American labour movement.

It’s not for us to judge the political forces in the United States. But we, naturally, should show solidarity with American labour in the struggle against oppression and exploitation, and stand by American people campaigning against the big capitalist corporations that are polluting the country and mercilessly exploiting the workers.

It is, however, our right and duty to campaign against what is going on in our own country and Theresa May’s talks with Trump are no exception. The spectacle of yet another British leader going cap in hand to Washington, if nothing else, exposes the myth of the “special relationship”. Although Mrs May retained her dignity, unlike Tony Blair’s past grovelling, she still got nothing concrete out of the talks apart from the usual platitudes and promises that can only be fulfilled when and if Britain leaves the European Union (EU).

The economic and political crisis of capitalism once again proves the validity of the Marxist critique of capitalism. Those in the labour movement who contended that capitalism had found a way of becoming crisis-free and that boom-and-bust was a thing of the past have been proved wrong.

The current slump may well prove to be the most profound in the history of the capitalist system. The crisis affects every capitalist country in the world, irrespective of whether they have capitalist or social democratic governments. The proof of this is the fast rising unemployment throughout the system with notable concerns going to the wall, giving rise to a further concentration of power within a shrinking elite.

We must oppose the proposed Trump state visit to Britain, not just because of his bigoted anti-Muslim immigration edicts but because he is the Supreme Commander of the most oppressive country in the world. No US president should be invited here until US imperialism ends its occupation of south Korea and closes its ring of nuclear bases that target Russia and People’s China. No US president should be welcomed here until the Americans end their support of the fascist regime in Kiev and drop sanctions against Cuba, Iran and Democratic Korea. No leader of US imperialism should be fêted in Britain until America ends its support for Zionist Israel and recognises the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.