The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 14th April 2017

Lead story

Beware of ‘False Flags’

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

US SECRETARY of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Moscow for talks with the Russian leadership this week. According to the American media, the US foreign minister was sent to deliver some sort of ultimatum to the Kremlin telling them to end their support for the Syrian government or face more sanctions and other unspecified consequences. But his hand was weakened by the failure of the G7 Group of imperialist countries to back a British call for escalating sanctions against Syria and Russia.

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900 carers quit every day

CARE services delivered to the elderly and infirm are on the verge of collapse as the low-paid and overworked carers are leaving the job at a rate of 900 a day, and that is just in England, according to an analysis of data made by the BBC.

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Storm clouds over the world

The Republican Party leader who threatened to withdraw US troops from Japan and south Korea unless they paid more towards the costs of their own occupations, and implied that he’d only defend members of the NATO pact who’d greatly increased their own arms budget, now talks about expanding the imperialist alliance. The great ‘deal-maker’ who was going to usher in a new page in relations with the Russia now shows with his missile attack on Syria and his armada sailing towards north Korea that the only deals he believes in are conducted at the point of gun. It didn’t take long for Donald Trump to renege on what’s left of his election promises.

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