The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 5th May 2017

‘Seize the day’ McDonnell tells May Day Rally

by New Worker correspondent

THOUSANDS of trade unionists, socialists, communists and members of Turkish, Kurdish, Iranian, Iraqi, Indian, Pakistani and other communities living in London last Monday gathered in Clerkenwell Green outside Marx House for the start of the annual May Day march to Trafalgar Square.

The New Communist Party, with its banner, was on the march along with our comrades from the Italian Partido Communista and the Greek KKE communist party as well as the Irish Connolly Association.

It was a colourful march with several bands and many families with children, along with pensioners, students and all sorts.

And there could be no doubt that these May Day marchers were all in full support for Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, to win the 8th June general election. In the past, with Blair, Brown and Miliband as Labour leaders, arguing for support for Labour has been an uphill task but not now.

The millions of workers of Britain suffering under the oppressive Tory austerity regime have very good reason to vote now that Labour has a leader who opposes austerity.

In Trafalgar Square John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, told the crowd: “There are those in the Tory press who will wish to paint this gathering in a negative light, but this rally on a day like today is really about the positive contribution many hard-working people in our country make. And how we can protect them, for the future of our country depends upon it...

“Today’s May Day rally must be remembered for its purpose — to focus all our minds on removing a Tory Government. And it falls on each and every one of us to be upbeat and take that peaceful positive vision of a Britain reborn on the 8th of June to each and every doorstep over the next few weeks. But it is not protest alone that changes these things. Changing government policy is the ultimate aim. And changing this Government in its entirety is our ultimate goal right now.

“Yesterday, I announced Labour’s 20 point plan to transform our workplaces from the shop-floor right up to the boardroom. Today, Jeremy Corbyn announced Labour’s plans to reform the housing market, to give renters the protections they desperately need.

“But we can only achieve those goals if all of us here today take this passion out into the communities in our country, win the arguments on the doorsteps, and in our family and friendship groups, to get a Labour Government elected next month. Today may be the 1st May, but let’s make 8th June the last day of Theresa May and her Tory Government.

And it is vital we do this. As this is a Tory Government that has presided over a country in which our nurses have to rely on foodbanks, yes that’s right. Nurses, the heroes of our NHS. Abandoned by this Government. And all this Tory Prime Minister can say about it is there are ‘complex’ reasons. It just shows how out of touch and how little she and her party really care about the problems facing hard-working people in our country.

“The reasons why people use foodbanks are not complex — they use them because they are hungry and cannot afford to feed themselves. And many of them are in that position because of seven wasted years of Tory economic failure.

“That’s why we need a Labour Government that will stand up for the many, and not the few...

“This will be the biggest political battle we have ever known. But remember we are fighting for the future of our country. The choice is a Tory future in which nurses use foodbanks, and millions live in poverty and low pay. Or a Labour future for the many, with a high wage, high skill, fair economy of the future. Put simply, it is a choice between a Labour Government that stands up for the interests of the many in our country, not a Tory Government that only stands up for a rich few.

“This is our opportunity, brothers and sisters. Some of us have worked for this all our lives, so the message is this; yes, carpe diem — seize the moment.

“This is our chance — take it, brothers and sisters. Solidarity.