The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 19th May 2017

National News

No country for young children

A REPORT from the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) published last week showed that Britain has slumped from 11th place to 156th in global children’s rights rankings.

The report accuses Britain of employing “inadequate” provision for children’s rights protection and the country now ranks amongst the bottom 10 global performers in this arena after it achieved the lowest-possible score across all six available indicators in the domain of Child Rights Environment (CRE), according to the KidsRights Index 2017.

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Tories cut security for outdated NHS computers

THE TORY government cut security support to the NHS’s computer network a year ago in spite of warnings that this would leave the system open to hackers — as happened last weekend when several hospitals’ computer systems failed as a ‘ransomware’ virus struck major businesses and organisations across the world.

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DWP target to reject 80 per cent of appeals

CAMPAIGNERS have expressed outrage after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) revealed a new target to reject 80 per cent of appeals against benefit decisions in its internal reviews, known as Mandatory Reconsiderations (MRs).

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RMT backs European Maritime Day of Action

THE TRANSPORT and maritime union RMT staged a protest against low-cost crewing in the shipping industry — as practised by local employer Condor Ferries — outside the European Maritime Day conference in Poole on Thursday.

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GMB prepares to sue TfL

THE GMB general union is preparing a legal action against Transport for London (TfL) for failing in their obligations to all London transport users by not forcing the taxi company Uber to adopt safe working practices.

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Tory blues

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

THE SCOTTISH nationalists are having a field day after an English Tory MP told a Scottish school-girl to “fuck off back to Scotland” after she told him she supported Scottish independence. James Heappey, the Tory MP for Wells, has apologised for what he claims was “a joke” during a discussion with sixth-formers at a public school in his constituency. But it’s no joke for Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon, who denounced the Tory’s “appalling behaviour” — behaviour that was also roundly condemned by Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson and Alex Cole-Hamilton, the chair of the Scottish Liberal Democrat election campaign.

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No to BBC propaganda!

by New Worker correspondent

LONDON comrades joined other Korean solidarity activists outside Broadcasting House on Saturday to protest at the BBC’s inaccurate and biased coverage of Democratic Korea. Called by the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) and supported by the New Communist Party (NCP), the picketers gave out leaflets and held high the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) flag and the banner of the KFA.

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International News

DPRK tests new missile


THE DEMOCRATIC People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) test-fired an unidentified ballistic missile from its west coast region on Sunday that flew 430 miles, south Korea’s military said, days after new leader Moon Jae In took office in the south pledging to engage in dialogue with Pyongyang.

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Ukraine: another corpse in Kiev

by Victoria F Lee

ANOTHER day — another corpse on the streets of the centre of Kiev! This time it was the Russian defector and former Communist Party MP Denis Voronenkov, gunned down in the Ukrainian capital in March.

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Italians protest against G-7 meeting

by Pavel Jacomino ITALIANS in Bari have protested against a summit of finance ministers and top bankers of the Group of Seven (G-7) industrial countries, blaming the group for global poverty and social inequality. People marched through the streets of the city over the weekend, protesting against the presence of delegates from the seven rich countries for the meeting.

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Bahrain detains British protesters’ relatives

SECURITY forces in the Kingdom of Bahrain detained family members of three British-based human rights advocates last Saturday over protests against the Gulf king’s attendance at a royal horse show in Britain, one of the activists said.

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Palestinians mark 69th anniversary of Nakba Day


PALESTINIANS marked the 69th anniversary of al-Nakba (the Catastrophe) on Monday, stressing on the right of return to the towns and villages they were forced to leave in 1948 and refused other alternatives.

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Egyptian mummies from British Museum to Hong Kong

by Hu Ximeng

SIX EGYPTIAN mummies from the British Museum will be on display in Hong Kong, offering citizens here an opportunity to explore ancient Egypt from a “scientific angle,” the Hong Kong Science Museum said on Monday

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‘Chinese fever’ on rise amongst European youth

THE CHINESE language is a bridge for communication, helping more young Europeans who love China and Chinese culture fulfil their ‘Chinese dream’.

During the 2017 Chinese Bridge, an international Chinese language competition for students held in Britain last month, one of the participants, Gabriel Mayoral-Galindo, made a fluent speech in Chinese about the country.

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The dark side of the White Helmets

by Itsvánl Ojeda Bell There is no shortage of information that casts doubt on the true intentions of those who created and support the White Helmets in Syria.

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Electing only the best

by Rob Gowland

ISN’T bourgeois democracy a brilliant system? By only involving people in the election process every three years (Australia), every four years (the USA) or even every five years (Britain), short, well-funded campaigns by demagogues can run away with the result. Hitler, let us never forget, was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

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Palestinian revolutionary icon Leila Khaled joins hunger strike

by John Hedges

PALESTINIAN Guerilla icon Leila Khaled went on hunger strike at the weekend in solidarity with 1,600 prisoners in Israeli jails.

The female fighter’s picture swept across the world’s TV screens and newspaper front pages in 1969 when she was part of a co-ordinated seizure of four airliners by commandos from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) battling against Israeli occupation.

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