The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 9th June 2017

The real war against terror

THERE’S BEEN plenty of synthetic rage in the bourgeois media following the terror attack last weekend in London that followed so soon after the bombing in Manchester. Thankfully Tory efforts to exploit the situation by posing as the tribunes of ‘law and order’ and fascist attempts to whip up anti-Muslim hysteria have both failed.

The Muslim community has condemned the senseless slaughter allegedly carried out in their name, and working people know that when Tories talk about ‘law and order’ what they really mean is more oppression and more repressive laws.

The terrorists have been identified. But whether the attacks that killed scores of innocent civilians and wounded many more were carried out by followers of the ‘Islamic State’ remains to be seen because all the terrorists involved are dead. The Manchester bomber blew himself up and the knife-men in Southwark were gunned down in their final confrontation with the police.

Some of these terrorists were known assets of British intelligence linked to the Arab ‘asylum seekers’ recruited by MI5 to fight in Libya and Syria, and who were given freedom of movement and funding to come in and out of Britain as they pleased.

There is understandable confusion and anger. At the moment that anger has focused on the Tory Government, whose draconian cuts in police numbers have clearly undermined security on the street. Labour and some of the unions have drawn the same conclusion, and the former head of counter-terrorism publicly says that the government’s planned large budget cuts to the police will make it easier for ‘Islamic State’ to stage a terrorist attack. Robert Quick, who led Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorist effort from 2008—2009, says that intelligence from communities about people supporting Islamic extremists has already been lost as a result of cuts in the police budget.

The labour movement has largely endorsed that conclusion but there is another. Two years ago Syrian president Bashar al Assad said: “The West deals with terrorism in a hypocritical way. They call it terrorism when it hits them, and revolution, freedom and democracy when it hits us.” How right he was.

Last weekend’s tragic events showed, once again, what the Syrian people are up against in their struggle to crush the barbarous sectarian terror gangs that have spread death and destruction across Syria over the last six years. The ‘Islamic State’, along with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, are fighting to overthrow Syria’s popular front government that stands for democracy and secularism. But they couldn’t have done it without the less-than-covert support of Anglo-American imperialism and the feudal Arab kings who all want ‘regime change’ in Syria.

The Americans pumped arms to the sectarian bigots in the name of ‘democracy and human rights’ and the bogus ‘Arab Spring’ that the imperialists used as a cover to overthrow the Gaddafi government in Libya. The Turks trained the gunmen and allowed volunteers and arms convoys to cross over into Syria to stoke up the flames of civil war. None of these terrorist movements could fight without the money to pay their militiamen but they get plenty from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, whose feudal kings are using their immense oil-wealth to fight proxy wars in the struggle for influence across the Arab world.

Anglo-American imperialism clearly believed that they could control the barbarous forces they unleashed in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria through guns and money. But recent events have clearly proved them wrong.

The entire world should be grateful to the Syrian Arab Army and its Iranian and Lebanese allies who have stood steadfastly against the terror gangs for the last six years. The entire world should be grateful to the Russian air-force, whose operations have done so much to turn the tide in the real war against terror.

In Britain the peace and labour movement must mobilise to cut the NATO pipe-line of cash and arms to these reactionary terror gangs and to demand a positive response to Russian efforts to end the conflict in Syria.